Spin Products celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Paul Burlingham, President of Spin Products, has 30 years of experience in Rotational Molding. Paul started alongside his parents Bill and Peggy Burlingham, owners of El Monte Plastics, a family business for over 45 years. During this time the rotational molding process has evolved from producing simple products like water tanks to the wide variety of items that they manufacturer today.

Paul and Carol Burlingham started Spin Products in 1997 and moved the operation to Chino, CA shortly thereafter while staying heavily involved in both Spin Products' and El Monte Plastics' daily operations.

Gonzalo Banuelos, Production Manager has been with the Burlingham’s for over 20 years and Spin Products from the start.

Spin Products takes pride in providing superior customer service with a management team with over 85 years of rotational molding experience. Over the last 45 years the Burlingham family has enjoyed the relationships of people both inside and outside the rotational molding industry and has considered the journey a fulfilling experience. Paul and the staff at Spin Products look forward to continued growth and success with endless possibilities.